For Better Results, Work Out Together


Why group fitness works.


Let’s face it. We all need a dose of motivation now and then. Juggling busy schedules is challenging, and we often sacrifice “me time” to keep up with everyday life. But together, we’re one. One force to be reckon with, keeping each other accountable to our own well-being so we have the strength to be our best in life.

For me, my workouts give me the mental strength to do my most important job–be mom. And I have you and my fellow Active Sports Clubs instructors to thank for that.

Social motivation keeps workouts fun, so you’ll keep coming back for more. Here are some interesting facts about group fitness enthusiasts that show why working out together is better:

> They come to the fitness club more often – averaging 3 visits a week
> They want “connection” and human energy
> They're pressed for time and are very knowledgeable about the club offerings
> They want choices and customized programs
> They want “fun” and a certain amount of friendly built in accountability!

It’s our mission to provide you with best-in-class studio programming. Our class schedules are ever-evolving to meet your needs.  As always, we welcome your feedback. Please fill out a comment card and share with us the programs that you love the most!

New to classes? We have the latest and greatest group fitness favorites, included in your membership. Check out our group fitness schedule and try a few out to find the best fit!

Source: Mills, P., (2011). The group Exercise Impact on Club Membership, IRHSA Health Club Report.