Medicine Ball Diagonal Chop


This simple yet effective exercise works your abs, biceps, deltoids, quads & glutes: building strength and endurance while developing core flexibility and stability.

Perform 15–20 repetitions on each side of the body. Repeat for 3 rounds on each side

Modified option: bend your arms more, 90 degrees.

NOTE: The information presented here is not a substitute for medical advice. Consult a physician before starting any exercise. We suggest that you discontinue exercise immediately if you feel you’re exercising beyond your current abilities.

  • Stand holding ball with thumbs up and feet a little further than shoulder width apart. Unlock knees bending slightly.

  • Raise ball to side of head with arms slightly bent. Bring ball down diagonally across body by rotating torso to the opposing hip.

  • Immediately raise ball across that same path to the side of head with a quick snap movement.