• Setting the Barre

    1/21/2014 6:42:00 PM | Amy G.

    Getting Paris-Ready with Barre Class

    My 40th birthday was quickly approaching and to (kinda) surprise me, my hubby planned a trip to....Paris! Not the one in Texas, the real deal....City of Lights or La ville lumiere if you prefer the Parisian way.  Incredibly excited about my countdown to Europe, I jumped at the chance to try a barre class at Active Sports Clubs.
    Let's 'set the stage' before we 'set the barre' shall we? I'm a large gal. 5'10" weighing in somewhere between ....eh no need for full disclosure! Nothing I do is graceful and when I work out it's not pretty. It's actually kind of disturbing to witness one of my workouts or another extracurricular activity of mine, like soccer. I'm a grinder. Clinched teeth and heavy feet, one exercising next to me may hear strange noises and opt for earphones. It is, however, slightly entertaining because I do consider myself a gamer....thus I tried the barre class.
    Rumor had it you needed to know ballet to take the class. MYTH! It would however, help and that's where we circle back the 'lack of grace' thing. If you have prior knowledge of ballet then you will definitely have an advantage and LOOK A LOT better while taking the class. You will also know the specific ballet positions the instructor calls for and, as the movements get quicker in pace, you'll be able to anticipate the next choreographed call.
    I never took ballet. Heck, I never took dance. I was too busy running the 'slant' play my dad drew on the palm of his hand with his "pointer man" so we could beat our neighbors in a game of street football. "Go long" would be familiar, "plié" "frappe" and "releve", not so much.
    Clearly I left much to be desired when it came to class technique, but I still managed to receive a...Read More

  • Finding My Motivation

    12/1/2013 9:09:00 PM | Amy G.

    Let’s set the stage…

    When I was in high school my mom used to say when I turned sideways she lost me….that’s how thin I was. Weight was NEVER an issue. In fact “weight” was NEVER a consideration.

    Fast forward to 34 years old, my second child has been born and I’m 5 weeks post partum. I’m live on TV interviewing a player after a Giants victory. I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt. Later that evening I read a comment from a viewer, “nice arms”.  Let’s just say it wasn’t a compliment. I looked back at the broadcast and my arms were big, dimply and jiggly. This statement has been emblazoned in my brain and not for the reasons one may think. My ego and vanity were bruised, for sure. I just had a baby…of course I was going to be heavy, but there was a bigger picture… a moment of realization that the decades of damage I had put my body through with poor food choices and a lackadaisical approach to exercise was coming back to haunt me.

    So for the past five years I’ve been on a “better way to live” mission.  Things have improved, but as I quickly approach 40, I’m finally at a point in my life to completely commit to the whole package of regular exercise combined with healthy food choices. My kids are ages 8 and 5, and at a point in their lives that every decision I make will have a lasting effect. Their innocence and dependency is still in my and my husband’s hands, and this is the time to steer them towards health and longevity.

    My husband, a sportswriter prone to long days sitting and typing, has made a commitment to getting fit and squeezing in exercise at his most exhausted moments. That drives me to dig deeper when I’m at that “pass-out” point in...Read More

  • Getting FIT: My Fitness Assessment with a Personal Trainer

    11/1/2013 9:28:00 PM | Amy G.

    What is FIT Training you ask? It was the first thing I learned this week when I signed up for a Fitness Assessment at Active Sports Clubs. “Foundation, Intensity, and Teamwork,” answered Jacob Fulton, Active Sports Clubs at Petaluma Fitness Director and Certified Personal Trainer (a.k.a. Jake “The Trainer”).
    This concept focuses on core and strength work first, with cardio as your finale. After a brief discussion about my goals, my age and my battle to juggle everyday life responsibilities around exercise, we got right into our workout.
    One thing was realized immediately. I’m the worst “squatter” in the world, seriously. My heels raise, I can’t keep my back straight and I always feel like I’m going to fall over. Is it just me? Jake “The Trainer” said, “no”.  I felt better.
    We did a few more warm ups. Hinges, planks–yeah, my booty had to be pushed down and my tummy pulled up. Shoulda known that was too easy.
    I was then formally introduced to TRX®. I know, right? It does sound like the pre-historic dinosaur my 8-year-old son is obsessed with, and it may be as intense, but certainly not as scary. I’ve cursed TRX a few times over the past few days. It definitely made my body feel the “good sore” we’re searching for when we attempt to change our lives, in search of balance as we near the milestone b-day of the BIG 4-0!
    TRX Suspension Training was a one-stop shop. Push-ups, lunges, curls, rows all with two straps and my own body weight. You name it, we did it and with a simple twist or turn I was able to target a different body part.
    The last part of our session was very “Biggest Loser” like. I gave the ole battl...Read More

  • Rounding 40: Welcoming My Best Year Yet

    9/30/2013 9:28:00 PM | Amy G.

    It’s been quite a trek, these first 39 years. I’m at a very good place in my life. I have a wonderful marriage of 12 years, two beautiful children ages 8 and 5, a fabulous extended family and dear friends. Not to mention a career of which I’m very proud. And while I feel fulfilled in so many aspects of my life, I continue to struggle with that nagging inner “healthy” self that reminds me multiple times a day, “get to the gym”, “don’t eat that”, “drink more water”, yadda yadda. You know the voice, the ultimate guilt trip we bestow upon ourselves. I do exercise….when I can. I walk in the mornings if I can peel myself out of bed before the morning chaos, eh hem, “routine” of getting the kids off to school begins. I play competitive soccer when I’m not coaching my daughter’s team, taking my son to practice, trucking to and from ballet, gymnastics, or the martial art of choice. And then there’s that work “thang”. Kinda cramps a gal’s style when the Giants play extra innings and I’m not able to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head until one in the morning. I’m tired. All the time. I realize I’m preaching to the choir. Attempting to find balance and make room for exercise isn’t anything new, but maybe by sharing my experience it will help yours.

    I made a promise to myself somewhere in my 3rd decade that after I had children, after I owned a home, after I’d established my career, after, after, after… I’d be at my best when I turned 40, emotionally and physically. I have 3 months to make that goal a reality. Over those next three months I’m partnering with Active Sports Clubs in Petaluma to try several new workouts and classes, utilize a personal trainer...Read More