Getting FIT: My Fitness Assessment with a Personal Trainer


What is FIT Training you ask? It was the first thing I learned this week when I signed up for a Fitness Assessment at Active Sports Clubs. “Foundation, Intensity, and Teamwork,” answered Jacob Fulton, Active Sports Clubs at Petaluma Fitness Director and Certified Personal Trainer (a.k.a. Jake “The Trainer”).
This concept focuses on core and strength work first, with cardio as your finale. After a brief discussion about my goals, my age and my battle to juggle everyday life responsibilities around exercise, we got right into our workout.
One thing was realized immediately. I’m the worst “squatter” in the world, seriously. My heels raise, I can’t keep my back straight and I always feel like I’m going to fall over. Is it just me? Jake “The Trainer” said, “no”.  I felt better.
We did a few more warm ups. Hinges, planks–yeah, my booty had to be pushed down and my tummy pulled up. Shoulda known that was too easy.
I was then formally introduced to TRX®. I know, right? It does sound like the pre-historic dinosaur my 8-year-old son is obsessed with, and it may be as intense, but certainly not as scary. I’ve cursed TRX a few times over the past few days. It definitely made my body feel the “good sore” we’re searching for when we attempt to change our lives, in search of balance as we near the milestone b-day of the BIG 4-0!
TRX Suspension Training was a one-stop shop. Push-ups, lunges, curls, rows all with two straps and my own body weight. You name it, we did it and with a simple twist or turn I was able to target a different body part.
The last part of our session was very “Biggest Loser” like. I gave the ole battleship ropes a go. Ummm…it’s WAY harder than it looks. More power to the peeps on TV that make it look like they can wave those babies for days. I barely lasted 30 seconds, but my heart rate was going quicker than any treadmill jog I’ve ever done.
Lastly, I left with the goal to drink a gallon of water a day. It’s been really hard to do and I’ve had to pee a lot, but Jake “The Trainer” said water is imperative to flushing out the system and maintaining hydration for a healthy lifestyle. Drinking enough water has always been a challenge for me, but it’s probably the easiest thing to fix while I try to get on track to a healthier existence.
So to summarize…I’m going back this week. : ) Well worth it, for the workout and the company. Both were excellent.

Amy G. is the San Francisco Giants in-game reporter for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

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