Finding My Motivation


Let’s set the stage…

When I was in high school my mom used to say when I turned sideways she lost me….that’s how thin I was. Weight was NEVER an issue. In fact “weight” was NEVER a consideration.

Fast forward to 34 years old, my second child has been born and I’m 5 weeks post partum. I’m live on TV interviewing a player after a Giants victory. I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt. Later that evening I read a comment from a viewer, “nice arms”.  Let’s just say it wasn’t a compliment. I looked back at the broadcast and my arms were big, dimply and jiggly. This statement has been emblazoned in my brain and not for the reasons one may think. My ego and vanity were bruised, for sure. I just had a baby…of course I was going to be heavy, but there was a bigger picture… a moment of realization that the decades of damage I had put my body through with poor food choices and a lackadaisical approach to exercise was coming back to haunt me.

So for the past five years I’ve been on a “better way to live” mission.  Things have improved, but as I quickly approach 40, I’m finally at a point in my life to completely commit to the whole package of regular exercise combined with healthy food choices. My kids are ages 8 and 5, and at a point in their lives that every decision I make will have a lasting effect. Their innocence and dependency is still in my and my husband’s hands, and this is the time to steer them towards health and longevity.

My husband, a sportswriter prone to long days sitting and typing, has made a commitment to getting fit and squeezing in exercise at his most exhausted moments. That drives me to dig deeper when I’m at that “pass-out” point in life. Reaching out to Active Sports Clubs for a Personal Trainer and alternative exercise options has been the breakthrough. I can’t do it all by myself and admitting that is liberating….in fact I may have just lost a pound in pure relief. I said I needed help and I got it.

These many sources of motivation help get me up and get me moving every day.

And hell yeah, I want to wear a sleeveless shirt on camera and feel damn good about it…stay tuned for Giants 2014 season.

Amy G. is the San Francisco Giants in-game reporter for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

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