• Aquis

    At Aqui, it’s all about the food and its most intricate details. It was created because of the love and the idea of bringing chefs and cuisine to everyone, every day at affordable pricing. It is food served without the fuss of waiters or tipping and without a long wait. It is innovative, inspired a one of a kind of place to go to. The menu was created using the flavors of the Southwest, Asia, California and Latin America. Each dish is created and inspired by using fresh seasonal herbs, produce and meats. The menu include items such as avocado dip, aqui sampler and the humnus with chips for appetizers. The salads include Cowboy Angus Beef Salad, Southwest Caesar Salad, Crab Cake Salad and Organic Greens Salad. The main dishes features Chicken Enchiladas, Cuban Prok Enchiladas, Cal-Mex Fajitas, Colorado Angus Beef and the West Coast Salmon. There is a special veggie menu such as the California Enchiladas, Veggie Taquitos with Organic Tofu, Thai Peanut Bowl and the Veggie Quesadilla.
    1145 Lincoln Avenue San Jose CA