• Asian Box

    Asian Box, or simply the Box, is a restaurant that bridges the gap between fast-casual and the favorite neighborhood joint. It’s a place where one can stop by anytime with friends or family for an incredible meal at incredible prices. All of their produce and poultry are responsibly raised, farmed, and made. It stays true to the ingredients and style of authentic Asian street food allows for fresh made, tasty and healthy food that’s lower in sodium and fat while maintaining the mouthwatering flavors that make food so memorable. Ordering food start with choosing between rice, salad or rice noodles. Then, meats are chosen. You can select between chicken, pork, beef, tofu and shrimp. You can toss in vegetables and pick other toppers such as fresh jalapeno, bean sprouts, crispy shallots, scallion oil, and fresh herbs. Choose between their sauces to complete the meal. Choices vary from salty, spicy, sweet, bland and even sour.
    142 Castro Street Mountain View CA