• Laili's

    For a different take on Mediterranean food, visit Laili’s restaurant. They offer the rich flavors of the Mediterranean infused with a unique Afghan twist. Each dish is a delicate balance between age-old Silk Road flavors and contemporary culinary excellence. Food is fresh, nourishing and delectable, complimented with an array of authentic herbs, spices and exceptional ingredients. Appetizers are headlined by the Silk Road Plate which is made of hummus, tabbouleh, babaghanoush, cucumber yogurt. Other appetizers include Pumpkin Boranee, Mantoo Dumplings, Aushsak Dumplings and Bolani. They offer a variety of soups and salads as well such as the Maush-awa soup consisting of lentils, shelling beans, braised lamb and qurut yogurt. Pasta eaters will be delighted with the Prawns Pasta and the Arugula Pesto, both created with homemade pasta and their respective sauces. In their menu, there are “Traditions” dishes which showcase the fusion of Mediterranean and Afghan cuisine.
    101 Cooper Street Santa Cruz CA