30% Mommy's Coach

30% off Mommy's Coach Service

Just like a personal trainer helps to meet your fitness goals, Mommy’s Coach is a time management program to help expectant and new mothers with tools and support as you welcome a new baby into your family dynamics through 1:1 in-home coaching sessions, instruction kits and parent workshops at local mom’s groups, preschools and business organizations.

Learn how to create balance and stay motivated in the areas of food organization, family communications, happy baby and time for self without the guilt. Feel confident, comfortable and in control!

Enjoy self-service instruction kits (6 to choose from) at 30% off for Active Sports Clubs members at $35 ($50 value) and a complimentary 15 min. phone consultation to inquire if a in home session is right for you. Get started, by calling Carrie at 408/386-0803 today.