Hike Fit

Break through current cardio barriers, gain strength and endurance, and increase fitness. Join Jan Gahagan, cardio-endurance hiking trainer, at venues including Rancho San Antonio, Los Gatos Creek Trail and Lake Almaden for beginning and intermediate level cardio-endurance hikes. Learn stride, pace, hill and interval training, heart-rate level and core control. Receive nutritional support for cardio endurance. Enjoy pre and post-hike stretch, warm-up and cool-down. Wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes with non-slip soles. Bring water, sunscreen and a watch with a second hand is recommended.

Class times and sizes may vary. Contact the Service Desk or your trainer for a current schedule. Signed release forms are required.

Saturdays by appointment

Santana Row

- $120/Member - $160/Non-Member

408/226-8080 jan.gahagan@clubone.com