Dom Gonzalez

Tier 1

Individuals can play sports, but they cannot play at boxing–one has to live boxing, and Dom has lived it as an amateur and professional for over 25 years. Boxing was the key that opened the door to a future of fitness and coaching for Dom. Known to those closest to him as Dr. Venom, Dom forms a truly supportive and symbiotic bond with those he trains, leaving them feeling like they have superpowers! Dom uses his years of experience inside and outside the ring to empower individuals to use their movement practice to improve their lives–both physically and mentally. 

Dom is excited to share his knowledge of training, boxing, and other practical self-defense martial arts with all who seek to learn and improve themselves. He is also a NAUI Certified Rescue SCUBA Diver and swim instructor, and you will often find him out along the pool deck with his clients. Dom feels that regardless of how people choose to exercise, having a positive self-image and being comfortable in one’s own skin are the highest priorities and central focus to his work with clients.