Ealy Bennett

Tier 3

Ealy has a strong love for the health and fitness industry that shows in his more than 15 years of experience. This long tenure has allowed him to learn from many different sports and activities over the years, and incorporate these skills into his own live, and the lives of his clients. Watching clients excel and achieve their personal goals is the most rewarding part of this profession for Ealy. He prides himself on helping his clients live more functional and healthy lives.

As a trainer, he has made it his goal to always provide the highest benchmark for all of his clients. Ealy develops sophisticated and comprehensive programs that will help any client achieve his or her goals regardless of age, experience, or physical limitations. Using a balanced and systematic approach, Ealy gets optimal results while minimizing overtraining and musculoskeletal injuries. Ultimately, achieving the RESULTS that clients want is what he’s here for!