Matthew Brockhaus

Tier 3

Matthew has been helping people live and move better for over 10 years. Starting his career as an athletic trainer, Matthew has had the great fortune to work with athletes of all ages and abilities. Matthew uses his education in biomechanics and injury prevention to empower individuals to use movement to improve their lives.

Matthew comes with a varied and robust skill set, developed from working in a multitude of settings, including as an athletic trainer in clinical and school settings, a strength and conditioning coach, and in training facilities as a movement, injury-prevention/rehabilitation, and performance specialist.

In all of these settings, not just moving better, but also feeling better, has been at the center of how Matthew works with clients and patients.

In addition to working with clients to move better and reach their full potential, Matthew is an avid cook and “connoisseur” of food, helping clients reach their aesthetic goals through his mix of practical advice and nutritional science knowledge. Using a whole, real foods approach, his clients have lost weight, reached physique goals, overcome ailments, and improved health.

When not in the gym, Matthew is an enthusiastic hiker and camper, an audiophile, a struggling crossfit athlete, and a mediocre Olympic weightlifter.