Melanie Hockett

Tier 3

As an athlete from the time she was young, Melanie always knew that the body was complex and fascinating. She strove to push herself to the limits physically and mentally, and that challenge made her stronger as a person, but also created an interest in pursuing a career focused on the body. Melanie’s intuitive sense of movement and the body was further developed in the classroom and lab, and she was able to put that knowledge into practice on the court, in the pool, and on the field.

After a ruptured ACL and meniscus injury, it brought the importance of rehabilitation into focus, as well as the benefits of preventative strengthening. That pushed Melanie into more clinical settings, getting the opportunity to see first hand how to manage and treat injuries and pain.

As a personal trainer, this focus on injury prevention has taken on a larger role in her practice. Melanie strives to address pain and dysfunction before it escalates, while preventing any other injuries from occurring. Focusing on posture, stabilization, and injury prevention Melanie helps her clients live healthier, more active lifestyles without the fear of injury or pain.