An Active Sports Clubs membership opens the door to a whole world of tools and support for your personal wellbeing.

We’ll let you in on a little fitness industry secret. With most gym memberships, the fitness clubs bank on you rarely showing up. They plan on nine out of ten of their members being too busy or lazy to come to the gym.

This seems odd to us. When you sign up for an Active Sports Clubs membership, we not only want you to come, we’ll even go as far as to remind you if we haven’t seen you awhile! And we make it worthwhile to come to the club, giving you access to facilities and services that are second to none.

Active Sports Clubs is genuinely committed to your personal well-being — and your membership gives you all the tools you need to achieve it.

Health club membership at Active Sports Clubs gives you access to:

  • Our extraordinary health club facilities, exclusive amenities and friendly, professional trainers and coaches
  • Our complimentary fitness assessment with an exercise physiologist to provide you with a custom plan to help you reach your goal, as well as a complimentary, customized personal training session to propel you in the right direction
  • Results-based training, as well as nutritional coaching and lifestyle coaching
  • Online and mobile tools to help you chart your progress and get personalized fitness guidance

Get a taste of the real thing. Visit the club location nearest you with a complimentary guest visit.*