Morgan McDowell

Tier 2

Morgan has been working in the fitness industry for 17 years. He has worked with a wide range of individuals, from competitive teen athletes to geriatric rehabilitation. Morgan received a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Sonoma State University and continued his education, receiving a masters degree from Sacramento State University, also in kinesiology with a concentration in strength and conditioning. Professionally Morgan has worked in physical therapy clinics as well as directing older adult fitness and balance training through the Life Center in Sacramento. Additionally he holds professional certifications as a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a USA Weightlifting club coach and a CrossFit coach.

Morgan is a dedicated and thoughtful advocate for his clients fitness and well being. Having worked with such a varied population of clients, Morgan has the ability to specialize and tailor programs geared towards numerous objectives.

Morgan enjoys Olympic weightlifting and looks forward to when his daughters are old enough to join him on the platform.