Matthew Brockhaus

Tier 3

Matthew has been helping people live and move better for over 10 years. Starting his career as an athletic trainer, Matthew has had the great fortune to work with athletes of all ages and abilities. Matthew uses his education in biomechanics and injury prevention to empower individuals to use movement to improve their lives.

Matthew comes with a varied and robust skill set, developed from working in a multitude of settings, including as an athletic trainer in clinical and school settings, a strength and conditioning coach, and in training facilities as a movement, injury-prevention/rehabilitation, and performance specialist.

In all of these settings, not just moving better, but also feeling better, has been at the center of how Matthew works with clients and patients.

In addition to working with clients to move better and reach their full potential, Matthew is an avid cook and “connoisseur” of food, helping clients reach their aesthetic goals through his mix of practical advice and nutritional science knowledge. Using a whole, real foods approach, his clients have lost weight, reached physique goals, overcome ailments, and improved health.

When not in the gym, Matthew is an enthusiastic hiker and camper, an audiophile, a struggling crossfit athlete, and a mediocre Olympic weightlifter.

Eric Mayeda

Tier 3

Eric graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a B.S. in Kinesiology and an emphasis in therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise. He has been helping people of all ages improve their movement skills and patterns for over 10 years through sport and corrective exercise. He works with clients of all backgrounds as a movement, injury prevention and performance specialist.

Eric’s wealth of knowledge comes from his varied experience in different settings. His work in rehabilitation clinics working with a wide range of acute and chronic ailments gives him the ability to help any client reach his or her goals.

Eric also enjoys cooking and using his expertise in the fitness industry to pass along practical and science-based advice to help his clients create well balanced diet and sustainable diets.

Francis Crusit

Tier 2

Francis has been helping people reach their fitness goals since 2006. Before becoming a trainer, he learned how inefficient and unhealthy his training was, and knew there needed to be a better way. He made it his goal from then on to help others exercise the right way, and the most efficient way for them and their goals. Francis developed a passion for building relationships and changing people’s lives through pragmatic fitness and better movement.

Francis’s continuing education as a Z-Health Movement Performance Specialist has taught him to look at exercise and movement with a neuromuscular focus. Francis can help decrease pain, rehabilitate movement patterns, and improve performance and postural awareness. He has worked with athletes of all levels as well as specialized populations as varied as Parkinson’s and Scoliosis.

In his free time, Francis enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a former USTA Tennis Club member. He is also a big supporter of De La Salle Football in his hometown of Concord.

Chris Johnson

Tier 2

Chris has been a personal trainer since 2003. His personal training experience ranges from elite athletes to people with special needs. Chris has a rich history in physical fitness and is a lifelong gym rat. His father was a competitive powerlifter in the 60’s and 70’s. And since his family owned a gym when he was little, this formed the springboard for his lifelong interest and fascination with fitness and exercise.

Chris has a love for all sports, but especially the board sports. This love of athletics, along with his early introduction to weight training are what created his approach to fitness today.

Morgan McDowell

Tier 2

Morgan has been working in the fitness industry for 17 years. He has worked with a wide range of individuals, from competitive teen athletes to geriatric rehabilitation. Morgan received a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Sonoma State University and continued his education, receiving a masters degree from Sacramento State University, also in kinesiology with a concentration in strength and conditioning. Professionally Morgan has worked in physical therapy clinics as well as directing older adult fitness and balance training through the Life Center in Sacramento. Additionally he holds professional certifications as a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a USA Weightlifting club coach and a CrossFit coach.

Morgan is a dedicated and thoughtful advocate for his clients fitness and well being. Having worked with such a varied population of clients, Morgan has the ability to specialize and tailor programs geared towards numerous objectives.

Morgan enjoys Olympic weightlifting and looks forward to when his daughters are old enough to join him on the platform.

Melanie Hockett

Tier 3

As an athlete from the time she was young, Melanie always knew that the body was complex and fascinating. She strove to push herself to the limits physically and mentally, and that challenge made her stronger as a person, but also created an interest in pursuing a career focused on the body. Melanie’s intuitive sense of movement and the body was further developed in the classroom and lab, and she was able to put that knowledge into practice on the court, in the pool, and on the field.

After a ruptured ACL and meniscus injury, it brought the importance of rehabilitation into focus, as well as the benefits of preventative strengthening. That pushed Melanie into more clinical settings, getting the opportunity to see first hand how to manage and treat injuries and pain.

As a personal trainer, this focus on injury prevention has taken on a larger role in her practice. Melanie strives to address pain and dysfunction before it escalates, while preventing any other injuries from occurring. Focusing on posture, stabilization, and injury prevention Melanie helps her clients live healthier, more active lifestyles without the fear of injury or pain.

Ealy Bennett

Tier 3

Ealy has a strong love for the health and fitness industry that shows in his more than 15 years of experience. This long tenure has allowed him to learn from many different sports and activities over the years, and incorporate these skills into his own live, and the lives of his clients. Watching clients excel and achieve their personal goals is the most rewarding part of this profession for Ealy. He prides himself on helping his clients live more functional and healthy lives.

As a trainer, he has made it his goal to always provide the highest benchmark for all of his clients. Ealy develops sophisticated and comprehensive programs that will help any client achieve his or her goals regardless of age, experience, or physical limitations. Using a balanced and systematic approach, Ealy gets optimal results while minimizing overtraining and musculoskeletal injuries. Ultimately, achieving the RESULTS that clients want is what he’s here for!

Alex Garcia

Tier 2

Alex’s passion for fitness began about 8 years ago. He played football for a few years and wrestled from middle to high school. After high school, Alex’s introduction to coaching started when he coached for Orange Lutheran High School, which is one of the top private high schools in California. He learned over the years that each individual is different and their goals are different as well. 

Whether it could be functional strength training, post rehabilitation training, Sport Specific training, or even just general fitness and weight loss, Alex listens to the clients needs, wants, goals, and puts them together into a program where it’s specified for that particular client. With a certification with the National Council for Certified Personal Training, Alex continues to learn and grow as a trainer and as an individual. He’s always working on himself as a person and as a personal trainer.

Dom Gonzalez

Tier 1

Individuals can play sports, but they cannot play at boxing–one has to live boxing, and Dom has lived it as an amateur and professional for over 25 years. Boxing was the key that opened the door to a future of fitness and coaching for Dom. Known to those closest to him as Dr. Venom, Dom forms a truly supportive and symbiotic bond with those he trains, leaving them feeling like they have superpowers! Dom uses his years of experience inside and outside the ring to empower individuals to use their movement practice to improve their lives–both physically and mentally.

Dom is excited to share his knowledge of training, boxing, and other practical self-defense martial arts with all who seek to learn and improve themselves. He is also a NAUI Certified Rescue SCUBA Diver and swim instructor, and you will often find him out along the pool deck with his clients. Dom feels that regardless of how people choose to exercise, having a positive self-image and being comfortable in one’s own skin are the highest priorities and central focus to his work with clients.

Willow Lune

Tier 2

Willow has always led an active lifestyle, from playing football as a kid to capturing rattlesnakes in her early career as a wildlife biologist. After experiencing many different injuries, she began to seek an integrated path toward injury prevention and overall wellness. 

Certified in Personal Training, Pilates and Medical Qigong, Willow has been helping others find their own physical and mental strength while discovering new healthy life goals since 2005. Willow loves working with people where they are at, whether it is someone coming off the couch for the first time or an elite athlete in their prime–and everything in between.

Willow is interested in helping others reprogram habituated movement patterns to improve movement efficiency, release pain and let go of stress. Regardless of age, ability or experience, Willow helps clients reach their goals with a balanced, individualized approach.