Dive into a refreshing routine at Active Sports Clubs.

Welcoming waters, clean and safe pools, and complimentary towel service; just like elsewhere in the club, we want your focus to be on enjoying your workout. Available in each of our regions and more than half of our clubs, Active Sports Clubs’ temperature-controlled swimming pools offer many discoveries; from the luxury of swimming a few quick laps between meetings to the camaraderie formed in our aqua fitness classes. In addition to lap-swimming, many clubs offer swim teams & coaching, youth programs, and a wide array of water-based group fitness classes to complete your wellness routine. And whether you’re diving in or just taking a dip, our expertly-trained and American Red Cross certified staff members are there to watch your back. Escape the rules of gravity and watch your worries float away while experiencing a low-impact workout that’s good for the body and spirit.

Each club’s aquatics program is designed around the unique community it serves. Find what you’re looking for at the club nearest you.