Willow Lune

Tier 2

Willow has always led an active lifestyle, from playing football as a kid to capturing rattlesnakes in her early career as a wildlife biologist. After experiencing many different injuries, she began to seek an integrated path toward injury prevention and overall wellness. 

Certified in Personal Training, Pilates and Medical Qigong, Willow has been helping others find their own physical and mental strength while discovering new healthy life goals since 2005. Willow loves working with people where they are at, whether it is someone coming off the couch for the first time or an elite athlete in their prime–and everything in between. 

Willow is interested in helping others reprogram habituated movement patterns to improve movement efficiency, release pain and let go of stress. Regardless of age, ability or experience, Willow helps clients reach their goals with a balanced, individualized approach.